SCANZ2017: Ocean*Energy

SCANZ2017: Ocean + Energy


About the Project

Following the string of successful SCANZ events, beginning with SCANZ 2006: Environmental Response and Connect/Disconnect followed by SCANZ 2009: Raranga Tangata (the weaving together of people) then SCANZ 2011: Eco sapiens, SCANZ 2013: 3rd nature and SCANZ 2015: water*peace it is proposed that the next event be titled SCANZ 2017: Ocean*Energy.

The project arises from an ongoing concern for the environment, recognising the importance of indigenous groups to environmental issues, and utilising technology to explore our connection with the environment. Both ocean and energy are themes that connect cultures and knowledge bases. Ocean can be considered a metaphor for depth. It is also quite true that the continents are discontinuous on Earth, whereas the sea and oceans are continuous. There is also a basis for calling our planet Water, rather than Earth. The chemical structure of the ocean and blood are identical, what separates the two is that blood has red and white corpuscles.

Energy is something we all need and feel. It also is a feature of our hearts, our bodies, the planet on which we live, the solar system and universe we inhabit. Energy can be interpreted in many ways, and our use of energy is critical to our daily lives and the future of humanity on Earth. Presently the oceans are soaking up the energy of our climate.

What are appropriate creative, knowledge based and cultural responses to the issues of ocean and energy? What are the intersecting components of beliefs around ocean and energy, across cultural borders. What is the natural energy of the ocean and how can this be harnessed in the context of creative projects?

To review these questions and as a bold statement of reducing our carbon footprint, SCANZ2017: Ocean + Energy is to be distributed. This will allow people worldwide to participate in events without necessitating international travel. While some travel is inevitable and important to maintaining face to face dialogue, by changing the way we think of things, we can signal a necessity for new solutions. Presently, there are plans for an event in Aotearoa New Zealand, draft plans for an event in Australia and registrations of interest for projects in the US and UK.


SCANZ2017:Ocean + Energy will commence in March 2017 with a planned event on Te Ika a Maui, Aotearoa (the North Island of New Zealand). Further details will be posted shortly.

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