The dance was presented in Huatoki Plaza on the International Day of Celebration, having been worked on by a trio of collaborators who came together at SCANZ. They did not give themselves a name as a trio, but explored together the issues of water, peace and the environment.

A Statement by the Artists

Whakarongo – to listen

‘When our inner waters are cleansed and calmed then can peace reign around us. When the waters around us are cleansed and calmed, then can peace reign within us.’

We are each mirrors to each other, the rivers, oceans and I. This performance piece is a response to the many conversations shared in our time in Taranaki within the SCANZ residency.

After the performance, the audience was invited to pick up a kawakawa leaf and lay it on the Huatoki River as an offering for its healing and cleaning, and to pay respect for all it has provided for the human development of the people here and New Plymouth.