Fractions of Time in Motion

Audio and image are collapsed into fractions of time

Audio and image are collapsed to fractions of time

About the Project for SCANZ

Fractions of Time in Motion is about creation, and the relationship between time/space/matter and the viewer.  It is an experimental attempt to capture time, or rather, the illusion of time, by the clapping of hands immersed in a natural body of flowing river water, carrying history of all time.

According to scientists Alan Guth: “We should be able to create an entirely new universe”, and Burt Ovrut: “…in particular it’s just easy to do with my hands. When they collide, we might have a Big Bang”  – BBC Horizon, (2001), Parallel Universes.

One could argue then, that the clapping of wet hands, literally becomes history in the making.

Artist Bio

Ingrid van Amsterdam

Ingrid van Amsterdam

Ingrid van Amsterdam is a multimedia artist whose work emphasizes time and space and the relativity thereof.

She was born in the Netherlands in 1965, and was surrounded by art and photography every day from an early age by the influence of her parents Antoon Robben and Nel van Amsterdam, photographers, and her brother Louis van Amsterdam, artist. For Ingrid, becoming involved with the arts was only a matter of time ~ with inevitable sidetracks (“off” course!) on the way!

In 1984 it was her intention to become an art tutor and attend the Academie voor Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg, the Netherlands, but through her active involvement in the entertainment industry as a dancer, she missed out by failing to pass her exams for her secondary education, and instead completed her studies to receive her HAVO Diploma in 1985.

Ingrid moved to New Zealand in 1988, and has completed the Diploma of Creative Technologies at the Western Institute of Technologies Taranaki in New Plymouth. Recently she has exhibited in Europe and her work was selected for international exhibition at SCANZ 2105: water*peace in New Plymouth, New Zealand in 2015.