Call – Interpolar Pathways

:  an interdisciplinary evening of presentations on Arctic and Antarctic research

We invite participation in a discussion evening event exploring interdisciplinary and cross-cultural links between Arctic and Antarctic research.

The discussion will form part of the SCANZ 2011: Eco sapiens symposium to be held at Owae Marae (Waitara, Taranaki, NZ). Presenters are welcomed to physically attend the symposium, or can present remotely.

Format — Remote and on-site 10–15 minute presentations (pre-recorded version requested)
When — January 15, 2011, 6pm New Zealand time (7am Finland time / 9pm, Jan 14th, PST)
Where — On-site: Owae Marae, Waitara, Taranaki. Remote: skype preferred, please discuss other.

Topics—The session aims to create dialogue between artists and scientists whose work has a focus on polar regions: to highlight the commonalities, differences and interrelatedness of their research and practices, and encourage unsuspected insights.

Presentations could encompass:

  • Global climate change, pollution, and ecosystems
  • Pathways between Arctic and Antarctic: e.g. global migrations, meteorology, food chains
  • What the poles represent to others: scientifically, politically, philosophically
  • Representation of the Arctic and the Antarctic: indigenous peoples, governments, NGOs, UN
  • People and the landscape

Proposal Contacts:
Please email us at:, with a proposal title and a few sentences to describe your interest in joining the dialogue of presentations.

Required by December 15th
in order to ensure appropriate presentation arrangements.

Project Partners:

  • Ars Bioarctica, Finnish biological arts organization,
  • Ramon Guardans, scientist/artist studying persistent organic pollutants,
  • Intercreate, the organisers of New Zealand’s SCANZ 2011 event,

Further information:

  • SCANZ 2011: Eco sapiens event —
  • Ars Bioarctica —

Please forward as appropriate.

Open Call – 2011 Hui/Symposium

SCANZ 2011: Eco sapiens — Hui/Symposium Presentations

Dates: 14-16th of January, 2011
Location: Owae Marae, Waitara, Taranaki

An interdisciplinary discussion on the future of human evolution. How can we re-imagine our relationship with nature?

We invite short presentations from artists, scientists, and cultural commentators on the topics below:


Perspectives on a Species

Scientific, cultural and historical worldviews on energy, ecology and ourselves.
Examples: scales & systems of the universe, human-scale vs geological time perception, evolutionary biology and the human animal, biodiversity, environmental psychology and cultural heritages.


Ecoliteracy & Cultural Adaptation

Adaptive processes and nurturing an ecological literacy and awareness.
Examples: language, novelty and neurology in adaptive processes, sensorial information and learning, food nurturing and nutrition. Citizen science, wonder and imagination. Ideas on the interrelatedness of global systems, complexity and systems thinking.


Rethinking ‘Resources’

Energy and worldviews, ecology and economics, related historical and current views water, soil and land use. Food production/distribution politics.
Examples: co-beneficial relationships. Developing long-term views. Energy, information structures and value systems. Ecoservices and ecological economics. Sustainable consumption and food security and related issues.


Hui/Symposium Overview:


Submit a Presentation Proposal:

December 14, 2010
(please note date update)
Earlier indications/questions are most welcomed.

Enquiries to:

Intercreate is a non-profit, project-based research centre which consists of an international network of people interested in interdisciplinary creativity.


Any sharing with your networks of others who might be interested will be very much appreciated.