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Bus Garden projects and exhibitions This page has introductory information about projects, which include our biennial project SCANZ, exhibitions in Albuquerque, Istanbul, Rio and in Aotearoa New Zealand.     Upcoming We are currently working on exhibition projects for Sydney, Albuquerque and Taos and Nga Motu New Plymouth. SCANZ 2015 will be themed Wai (water) […]

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Wai: overview

Photo of Wai by Jo Tito

Wai (for ISEA 2012 Albuquerque) Te Hunga Wai Tapu consists of: Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru, Te Urutahi Waikerepuru, Ian Clothier, Jo Tito, Craig Macdonald, Julian Priest, Sharmila Samant, Leon Cmielewski, Josephine Starrs, Andrew Hornblow, Darren Robert Terama Ward, Johnson Dennison, Andrew Thomas, Dugal McKinnon, Sophie Jerram and Gordon Bronitsky. Aerial imagery courtesy of Land Information New […]

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Wai opening

Te Urutahi Waikerepuru, Dine'/Navajo musician Andrew Thomas and his partner, Te Huirangi Waikerepuru, myself, Johnson Dennison, Gordon Bronitsky and Rosemary Dennison just before the ceremonies started.

Wai opened with a Tomo Whakaari, a dawn ceremony following Maori protocol at 6.53am September 19 at 516 Arts in Albuquerque. We were privileged to have Johnson Dennison, a Navajo Medicine Man contribute some Navajo ceremony.

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Wai installation

Wai installation photo

Photographs of the “Wai” installation in 516 Arts, Albuquerque as part of ISEA 2012 Machine Wilderness. As well as visual components, and important part of the “Wai” exhibit was the audio of Andrew Thomas and Darren Ward (Navajo and Maori respectively) – this was controlled by data from a tree at Andrew Hornblow’s Opunake house. Tree voltage, light and temperature readings were used.

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pou hihiri

Pou Hihiri

Pou Hihiri – The Womb of the Universe Project team Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru, Poutua, Kaumatua (Elder), Author Te Urutahi Waikerepuru, Concept Designer & Artist Julian Priest, Custom Electronics Tom Greenbaum, Custom Electronics Craig McDonald, Graphics Artist Sophie Jerram & Dugal McKinnon – Sound Effects Artist statement The Pou Hihiri is a representation of the […]

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Wai dawn opening


Wai will open at dawn, 6.53am September 19th 2012 at 516 Arts, 516 Central Ave SW Albuquerque,  led by Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru, as part of ISEA 2012 Albuquerque Machine Wilderness. All welcome.   There will also be a special session of ISEA, at OFFCENTER in Albuquerque from 12 to 1.45pm on Sunday23rd September. All welcome […]

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wai exhibition

Wai visualisation

Visualisation of the Wai installation About Wai Humanity and Earth are at an important juncture: the intersection of past unsustainable approaches to environment and the potential for a sustainable future. An important factor in these issues is listening to the voice of indigenous people on the subject of environment. It is quite clear that the […]

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By Te Huirangi Waikerepuru

Wai is an exhibition whose main theme comes from Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru. Wai means water or flow and occupies a central place for Māori. The first stage of this project will be exhibited at 516 Arts in Albuquerque as part of ISEA2012, the International Symposium on Electronic Art. One of the works in the […]

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