works with the following project partners on an ongoing basis.

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Creative New Zealand Toi Aotearoa The Arts Council of New Zealand (CNZ). CNZ has supported us from the first SCANZ in 2006, through to SCANZ in 2009 and 2011, along with one of our international projects in Istanbul. They now support us with recurrent funding through the Kahikatea programme which includes SCANZ 2013, SCANZ 2015 and Media Art Projects.




Te Matahiapo Indigenous Research Organisation(TeMIRO) play a strong role in our major activities. Prior to forming as TeMIRO, many of their prominent members were involved in our activities. In 2006, Tengaruru Wineera introduced Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru to the SCANZ artists in two visits, one of which included the scanning of a pounamu patu (greenstone club), a heritage artefact.

Prior to SCANZ 2009: raranga tangata Tengaruru and Intercreate Director Ian Clothier discussed interconnections between Maori knowledge and Western knowledge, leading to the symposium being themed on the idea of a bridge between knowledges.

At SCANZ 2011: Eco sapiens Dr Waikerepuru spoke about Wai – water or flow – in many senses. This lead to the inclusion of Wai related works in Te Kore Rongo Hungaora in Istanbul ISEA 2011, and later an exhibition themed on Wai in Albuquerque at ISEA 2012. This is coming to even greater expression with SCANZ 2015: water*peace. Te Urutahi Waikerepuru is our main contact for Te Matahaipo.

At SCANZ 2013, we were very pleased to include Dr Waikerepurus’ Te Taiao Maori in the exhibition. This was the animated version of the Istanbul chart, which had only previously been exhibited in Rio de Janeiro.

Te Matahiapo was established in 2012, and were project partners for SCANZ 2013:3rd nature. They provide cultural consultancy and cultural audit for us, as well as advice and networking. Dr Waikerepuru is also providing us with leadership in terms of concepts. We are honoured to work alongside them.




The Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki (WITT) is Taranki’s polytechnic and is a strong supporter of Intercreate. WITT has provided us with resources and spaces for each SCANZ event – workspaces, eating spaces, symposium rooms, access to the internet, tools and equipment along with administrative facilities such as ongoing use of a desk and computer.

Each SCANZ residency is located in the Art, Design and Media rooms on campus.




The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery has been a project partner since inception, with financial input and hosting artist talks at SCANZ 2006, hosting an exhibition and symposium in 2009, hosting a popup exhibition for Eco sapiens, direct curatorial input and support into 2013 3rd nature and ongoing support such as assistance with outdoor venues for SCANZ 2015.



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