Developing the culture to create a sustainable civilisation

Environmental Art

The Environment is a very important context for Intercreate and is of global concern. In many ways we are a community of people working in the area of technology and culture, uniting these two aspects with a concern for the environment. All our major projects – SCANZ, Media Art Projects, Sharing the Waiwhakaiho and the projects of individuals reflect this concern and engagement with the environment.

SCANZ Residencies

Our main project is Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand (SCANZ) which is based on a residency and consists of exhibitions, workshops and hui/symposia. SCANZ has been important to building relationships with tangata whenua (the People of the Land as Maori refer to themselves), developing innovative technology projects and incorporating multi disciplinary viewpoints.

Sharing the Waiwhakaiho

This recent interdisciplinary project was a partnership with Massey University and based on the Waiwhakaiho River. When we say interdisciplinary, geologists, fluvial geomorphologists, social geographers, environmentalists, tangata whenua, community groups such as kayakers and white baiters, the Regional Council and NIWA were brought together in a website and suite of creative projects.

Recent Posts

SCANZ 2015: water*peace

Other Intercreate Projects