Warrior Mountain of Peace

An atua or god stands in a misty landscape with a red sky in the background.

A still from the video, where figures from legend are manifest and brought to life

About the Project for SCANZ

Warrior Mountain of Peace seen in the video and still above was one of four played as part of the night time projections in Pukekura Park on Friday 30th January 2015 during SCANZ2015. The video was projected directly on to natural bush that borders the park, well suited to the video content which seemed to emerge from the landscape.

Artist Statement: Pukehaupapa – Warrior Mountain of Peace

This montage is based on the birth of our landscape of Aotearoa and the greatest love story ever told that abides deep within the caverns and crevasses of Papa-tu-a-nuku.  However, when the blustering south wind blows…. sometimes can be heard the soulful mourning of Pukehaupapa (Mt Taranaki) the Warrior Mountain of Peace as he laments the loss of his beloved Pihanga (the beautiful maiden mountain) to his brother Tongariro.   Other Warrior Mountains involved in this story include Ruapehu, Tarawera and Ngauruhoe who fought Tongariro for the love of Pihanga.  The Guide Stone Rauhoto Tapairu beloved companion to Pihanga was sent by her to guide Pukehaupapa safely west to a new homeland.  Pukehaupapa as a gesture of peace and honor retreated from his homeland so as to restore peace, harmony, balance and equilibrium back into the family following the discovery by Tongariro of his declaration of love for Pihanga.

To this day Tongariro cries tears into the Wanganui River for his brother Pukehaupapa and likewise Pukehaupapa yearns to return to his whānau (family) and his beloved Pihanga once again.

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Pou Hihiri

Pou Hihiri represents the womb of the universe

Pou hihiri was selected for exhibition in Albuquerque in 2012.

Inahaa Te Urutahi Waikerepuru has assisted Intercreate on some of our most significant projects, providing cultural brokerage and audit for Te Kore Rongo Hunga Ora presented at ISEA 2011 in Istanbul; Wai for ISEA 2012 Albuquerque; SCANZ 2011 Eco sapiens; SCANZ 2013 3rd nature; SCANZ 2015:water*peace; Media Art Projects 2014; and Sharing the Waiwhakaiho 2015.

Artist Bio

Inahaa Te Urutahi Waikerepuru

Inahaa Te Urutahi Waikerepuru

Te Urutahi Waikerepuru (Taranaki Tūkau; Tāngahoe; Tuhourangi; Ngāti Whakaue; Ngā Puhi) is Pou Arahi at Te Matahiapo Indigenous Research Organisation specialising in the provision of indigenous ceremonial rituals and traditional practices, consultancy services and the development of indigenous professional and self development programmes. Activites include translation (Maori-English); whakatauaki-proverbs-sayings; cultural safety advocacy; cultural audit; preparation of formal speech presentations in te reo Maori; international cross cultural inter-relationship brokerage; indigenous concept design and development.