Kanohi Kitea at Parihaka Maara

“Kanohi Kitea has a double meaning. One is a face that sees with eyes, the other a face that is seen often” – Charissa Warea

Kanohi Kitea

About the project

Kanohi Kitea was a project for the maara (garden) at Parihaka. Andrew Hornblow and Deon Roodt were collaborators. Intercreate is grateful for the support of Maata Wharehoka and Ruakere Hond. We worked closely with Charissa Warea and Howie Harris, two of the team of people who work in the community garden.

Thanks to Andrew Hornblow, we were able to use the new generation of LEDs, which blinked out nutrient flow data from an old rosemary bush in the maara. On entry to and exit from the garden, audio was triggered. This was made by Darren Robert Terama Ward using traditional Maori instruments, and Dineh/Navajo flautist Andrew Thomas.

We are grateful to the South Taranaki District Council and Creative New Zealand via the Creative Communities scheme for the support of the project. It has led to a second project which is in development.