SCANZ2018: Peace, Water, Power Residency details

Peace, Water, Power 2018

Residency to be based at Parihaka, Taranaki, Aotearoa New Zealand

Further steps have been taken with regard to increasing engagement with the community of Parihaka and we are pleased to announce that due to the support of Maata Wharehoka, the residency will based at Parihaka.

The residency begins on Saturday 3rd February 2018 and works are presented on Monday 12th of February during the hui. Residency proposals can be for any length of stay between these dates, with a focus on presenting on the 12th.

A project that aligns feathers, floating on the water and LEDs has been suggested by Maata Wharehoka, so we are seeking leads on that project. In the past there have been works that used wind power, breath power, battery power and solar energy.

What are peaceful ways to connect with the environment, humans, plants and animals? How might these be formulated into a creative project? What does Peace mean on the whenua (land) of Parihaka?

How can the expertise of artists on the residency be utilised in sharing knowledge across generations in workshops on the Papakainga (Pa)?

What happens when electronic art projects need to take into account power usage, due to limited solar based supply?

What does a ‘ground up’ creative project look like i.e. built from considering the whenua and reaching to the sky, with a view on Peace, Water or Power?

What are ways to peacefully and positively engage with the stream at Parihaka?

Residency participants and resources

We are pleased to announce that Intercreate International Research Fellow (New Energy Systems) Allan Giddy will be participating in the residency and completing a project.

In addition, we have the support of Intercreate Creative Engineer and The University of Shed founder Andrew Hornblow, with resources for temporary use:

Proto boards
Resistors, circuit and battery power components
Data sensors

Solar garden lights (explorations in solar energy used to power micro
sensors (picaxe sense + Cicadacom based radio conversations )
Picaxe uAmp micro controllers
Raspberry Pi small client computers (networking, Media platform HDMI
Output, Sound and sound file waiata, korero )
MP3 players (small stand alone manual, interactive or networked sound
animated artworks)
Various sensors ( touch, fluid, movement )
These can be assembled on
Kiwi patch PCB (small simple sensors
Kea Patch ( medium complexity nodes meeting places for data )
Kea patch small weatherproof container systems

Potential equipment available:

100watt, 10watt and 5 watt solar panels, 12 v batteries and inverter
Data projectors
Video editing (at the WITT campus)
HD video cameras
Media player
5watt solar panel
Interior speakers

Access to the sea, green waste and other natural resources.

Application url

Due date of proposals
Midnight Saturday 2nd December NZ time.

Our application to Creative NZ was declined and this means there is no money to pay artist fees or transportation to and from the residency. However the accommodation and food costs are largely covered for successful applicants, who will be expected to follow protocols and offer koha as applicable. Koha can be given as cash or in return for helping out. It will be a residency in an utterly unique location with very high cultural value and being a respectful guest of the community is expected.


Saturday February 3rd 
Residency commences. Orientation at Parihaka, prep for workshops.

Sunday February 4th
First day of workshops at Parihaka. All welcome.

Monday February 5th
Second day of workshops at Parihaka. All welcome.

Sunday February 11th
Hui out of town participants arrive in New Plymouth (so that they can attend the morning powhiri the next day). Nighttime light works viewed if applicable.

Monday February 12th
Day one of hui. Morning session at Parihaka commencing 9.30-10am. Keynotes and presentations.


Afternoon session – tour of artworks and artist presentations.  Keynotes and presentations.

Poroporoaki for Peace, Water, Power.

Leonardo/ISAST 50th presentations and celebration with Roger Malina live from Texas.

A Selection of Other Intercreate Projects