Vanuatu Weaving

Prim Rose Wari lives in the village of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu

Vanuatu weaving

About the Weaving Exhibited at SCANZ Water and Peace

Most of these weavings are used every day in Vanuatu. The larger bags carry food while the smaller ones are for personal items and the flat mats are placemats. The large circular weaving is an adornment for the head. The flayed plant matter was something Vicki Smith showed Prim Rose. Smith, a former Director of the Aotearoa Digital Artists Network, has worked with Maori weavers in the South Island Te Wai Pounamu and some of that experience was passed on during SCANZ. Wari and Smith shared space in the large open studio at SCANZ, and exhibited at the same location on the Huatoki stream.