The Junction Zero Waste Vision Sculpture Application requirements

This page provides a preview of the sections required to make a proposal for The Junction sculpture. Proposals are due April 30th 2019, midnight New Zealand time. The actual application form can be found here.

The Junction application sections and required information

1. Name of art work:

2. Artist/group name:

3. Contact name:

4. Address:

5. Phone:

6. Email:


SCULPTURE/ASSEMBLAGE DETAILS – answers to all questions are required

7. Insert a project visualisation – jpg only, 30Mb maximum, landscape or 16:9 displays best. Multi page pdf files can be added by providing a link at the end of the form.

8. Short project description – less than 150 words

9. Project description in less than 800 words, including how the project meets the brief



10. Are you willing to work with key stakeholders – Sustainable Taranaki, Intercreate, NPDC, WISE, and project engineers to reach consensus in final decisions?

11. How would the audience interact with the feature? What are the potential ways the art work could be utilised during school trips or group visits?



12. Describe the method of construction, timing and installation in plain language.

13. What is your plan for the content to be used for the production of signage and education materials?


14. What percentage of materials will be reused, upcycled or recycled? b. What fabrication is required? c. What considerations were given to weight and/or wind loadings? d. What hazards o the public could the sculpture create and how will these be mitigated?

15. As the artwork is to stand outside The Junction, how will it withstand wind, rain, sun and potential threat of vandalism? Are there areas of vulnerability to allow for?



16. Brief description of relevant work history/experience (maximum 500 words)

17. Portfolio of previous work relevant to proposal (please provide links)

The application form can be found here.