SCANZ 2013: 3rd Nature Residency

Artists at Parihaka

3rd nature residency artists and Parihaka hosts outside Te Raanui, the whare kai (house for eating). The visit to Parihaka set the residency off to an excellent beginning.

3rd nature followed the successful Uncontainable Second Nature: Te Kore Rongo Hunga Ora exhibited in Istanbul. While Second Nature posited a revised engagement with nature, 3rd nature put forward the notion of a third, hybrid space, a space where art, science, technology and culture intersected.

2013 Exhibition

Te Taiao Māori by Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru

Te Taiao Māori by Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru in Te Takapou Whāriki o Taranaki. The words are from Dr Waikerepuru and form a chart of Māori cosmology. The lines in the background of the projection are rotating stars.

Through our partnership with Puke Ariki, the 3rd nature exhibition was mounted. Rather than placing the works within a traditional gallery setting, in keeping with the hybrid premise of the project, the art works were installed in the heritage and natural history sections of the museum, winding down the main stairwell, out the main entrance doors and along the inclined pathway, then further out to Pukekura Park. Click the following link to see images of the SCANZ 2013: 3rd Nature Exhibition

2013 Wananga Symposium

SCANZ 2013 artists at Owae Marae

This photo by Jo Tito shows the wananga- symposium attendees after the final session and clearing up. They are outside the whare kai Ko Tama Wahine at Owae Marae. The group had a wonderful spirit at this time.

The Wananga-Symposium had it’s first day at Owae Marae, then moved to the WITT campus for one day and a half, with the final afternoon spent viewing art works in Pukekura Park. To read abstracts for presentations, click here.