Water, Peace, Power 2016 Parihaka presentation

Ilka Nelson project

Photograph by Azadeh Emadi.

About the Project

Ilka Nelson created a motion sensitive container that when interacted with, activated/sounded a hidden chime. This work explored themes of dialogue and reciprocity between humans and land/water.

Short Bio

Ilka Blue Nelson is a Creative Ecologist currently based in Brisbane, Queensland. She has a Masters of Arts and her studio, Latorica (www.latorica.net), offers communication projects and creative expeditions to help people connect with the complexity of our greater ecology. Ilka’s background is in arts & sustainability communications working in a transdisciplinary capacity with Government, Industry, Academia, NGO’s and the community sector. Ilka is connected to a wide range of indigenous, arts based and earth centered projects; she is the Curator of Earth Arts for the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (www.earthlaws.org.au).

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