Fluid dynamics and kowhaiwhai – a research opportunity

Call for Expressions of Interest in Research Project

A visual comparison of von Karman vortex streets and kowhaiwhai (particularly the kowhawhai of canoe paddles) provides striking evidence of similarity. For background on the concepts click here.

Following discussions with the editors, Intercreate is seeking expressions of interest for working on a project leading to an academic paper to be published in the Journal of Mathematics and Art, published by Taylor and Francis. There is a potential for the project to provide new patterns based on flow modulation and the mathematical properties of kowhawhai.

Expressions of interest are sought from:

            1.   Tangata whenua interested in the interconnections between Maori knowledge and Western science and mathematics, and able to provide guidance on cultural issues around the project. It is considered important to have tangata whenua involved in all stages of this project.
            2.   Mathematicians working in computational fluid dynamics where the Reynolds number can be modulated. The aim would be to isolate elements of the flow and apply a range of transformations to the isolated element: reflection, rotation, translation, enlargement, glide reflection, shear and repetition. As these are all features of kowhaiwhai, a strong potential exists to generate new patterns based on computational flow.
            3.   Artist writers interested in the area and writing up the project. The text and images will then be edited by Intercreate prior to handing on to the journal editors for their process. The paper should be primarily concerned with the project.



At this stage, it is anticipated that the project would form part of 2016 research. As the journal meets PBRF standards, it is hoped that researchers will embed the project in approved research activity over the coming 1 – 2 years.


  1.  Please write a short letter of introduction.
  2. Provide a short statement of your interest in the project (maximum 500 words).
  3. Include links or attachments to your work in the fields associated with the project.
  4. Attach a cv and bio (max 350 word bio).
  5. Email the above to ian.clothier@intercreate.org

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