This is a VR experiment in connecting to the spiritual power of the ocean through breath and biofeedback. The user’s breath will influence the rise and fall of waves on a twilight ocean scene, while an EEG device provides visual feedback on the user’s brain wave state. The purpose is to create a feedback loop where the user dives deeper and deeper into a trance-like state while feeling more and more connected to the spiritual power of the ocean. The digital medium will enable this to proliferate to those without access to the sea, while the sense of presence inherent in the VR medium provides a strong emotional bond to the experience.

Josiah Jordan

Josiah started his career as an aerospace engineer, designing and building a space-bound solar imaging camera at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics in Boulder, Colorado USA. After 3 years in aerospace he switched paths to software development, creating virtual aircraft configuration software for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Moving to New Zealand in 2009, he most recently was focused on creating cloud-based scalable render farms and a rich web application platform for the Internet of Things space. He now owns and operates Lobaki, a company specializing in translating raw DNA sequence data into music, video, and interactive Virtual Reality cenes. In his spare time he’s a filmmaker, musician, and karaoke enthusiast.

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