This project explores the kaupapa of peace and the connection between water and peace. How does water connect to peace? How can the flow of wai – water – lead to peace? How can connection to who we are, to each other and the earth lead to peace for everyone and everything?

So this work will be a collaboration with other artists and consists of large moving mandala projections at night time coupled with sound created from elements of nature and a waiata composed specifically for these projections. Each element of the work is important and will contribute to the overall kaupapa of water and peace.

The idea is that the audience will experience this work with all their senses. Visually the mandala will perhaps send them off into a trance (subliminal) captivating them, perhaps some will want to move, others may just stare, perhaps some may be moved to tears as the waiata in the background projects sound out from the mandala and into the night. For others, it may spark conversation with those standing around them.

The audience will become co-collaborators as the mandalas visually coupled with sound and waiata send energy out that moves people. That is the idea behind this work – to move people, to move people to change, to move people emotionally because that is how change happens, to move people into action for peace through re-connection to self, to each other and the earth.

Note: kaupapa according to is a noun that means “topic, policy, matter for discussion, plan, scheme, proposal, agenda, subject, programme, theme.” Kaupapa is often used in reference to a policy or approach to an activity or idea.

Artist Bio

Jo Tito

Jo Tito

Intercreate Trust Board Member, Maori Advisor

"My art is an extension of me. It extends into all areas of my life. I have a passion for life and love and caring for the earth. Everything I create has a reason - sometimes that reason is just to be honouring the creativity within me."

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