Pressure for Change by Vicki Smith

Vicki Smith project

About the Project

Pressure for Change, a barometric machine by Vicki Smith was a response to local, social and climatic pressure. The assemblage included a cabinet, collected natural objects and electronics. By blowing into a bubu shell, the right amount of breath resulted in the arm with the three raukura of Taranaki sweeping around the dial to indicate change. This work was requested to be placed into the Parihaka collection at Te Niho by Maata Wharehoka.

Short Bio

Vicki Smith is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, digital storyteller and community agent using a range of creative tools. She is one of a global collective of artists who began performing through networked environments in the last millenia and is co-creator of UpStage (a realtime online performance environment) that is ‘made in NZ’ and internationally acknowledged especially through the annual festivals she co-curates.

Vicki is an observer, explorer and navigator siting one of her current works on an 11 metre sailing vessel – Kiritea. She has always been interested in how digital spaces can be site and tools, for exploring traditional technologies. Through her online activities, she is part of an arts and education community that is global. The relevance of solar power to sailing and the environment makes her involvement important.

Vicki was an invited artist to Water, Peace, Power 2016.

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