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Information Comes from the Sun – Julian Priest

  Information Comes from the Sun 2011, Julian Priest, Solar powered monitor, Video animation, Media player, Photovoltaic cells   Open System Closed 2011, Julian Priest, Assemblage (nine underwater camera cases, found objects) Discussion “Information comes from The Sun” is a video artwork consisting of an animation of The Sun that was first shown at ISEA […]

PLUME – Raewyn Turner and Richard Newcomb

In this project artist Raewyn Turner and nanobiotechnologist Richard Newcomb focus on the unconscious perception of the human plume — the scents and particles we all shed behind us in the form of a wake. Research shows that the plume may include emotional state information. If this is true, what impact might the many new synthetic flavours being created have on our reading of the emotional signals of our everyday lives?

Biomodd Workshop – Angelo Vermeulen

January 18-21, 24–25, 27–28, from 10am–4pm at SCANZ Central – 109 Devon Street West (next to Kina). Combining technology, ecologies and gaming – in this workshop participants will explore how to create an energy-exchange between open source computer technology with the living environment. Workshops times may vary according to need, and you are welcome to stop by at any time.

Biomodd Presentation – Angelo Vermeulen

Sunday 16th January, 9am, Owae Marae – In this artist talk Angelo Vermeulen will present his biology-inspired works. He will focus on Biomodd, a worldwide cross-cultural installation project in which ecology, community building, and case modding creatively converge.