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Biomodd Presentation – Angelo Vermeulen

Sunday 16th January, 9am, Owae Marae – In this artist talk Angelo Vermeulen will present his biology-inspired works. He will focus on Biomodd, a worldwide cross-cultural installation project in which ecology, community building, and case modding creatively converge.

Solar Powered Art Workshops – Andrew Hornblow

Andrew is a local electronics wizard who inspired kids all around the country with what they can do with electronics. Also a radio, and general technical wizard, Andrew will be running a series of workshops on solar powered art works for children, youth and adults. A photolog of Andrew’s school workshops   Participate at the […]

Ecotones – Janine Randerson

The bar-tailed godwit, the longest non-stop migrator of any species, is dependent on a global network of estuaries or ‘ecotones’, where terrestrial and marine ecosystems meet. These environments are under pressure due to being seen as transitional, unwanted, hybrid spaces. Janine’s project employs information from satellite telemetry and sonification to create a visual and acoustic […]