Creative Bike Workshops — Ideas Page

Interested to join for a creative workshop as part of the Miniature Green Bikes scheme, and need some ideas for what you could do? Just for your inspiration, below are some of the crazy things going on out there.

If you already have your own project going on, or know of others who have, ask them to come along and share their work and ideas.

Feel free to email Jonah with your ideas, and/or to add links to further ideas in the comments below.

Bike Trailors

People asking, just how much can I fit on my bike trailor?

You can carry anything in one of these handy and sturdy bike trailors. Jonah can show you how to build a lightweight bamboo one, so that you too can compete to see how much you can fit into your trailor…

Pedal-powered Blenders

Pedal powered blenders in action at Puke ArikiPedal-powered goodness! Find out how to add a blender to your bike so to make a healthy meal on the run. If interested, please let Jonah & Dhyana know via the workshop registration form.

Glowing Bikes

Some ideas for how to make your bike glow

Got an idea for some tricky use of your own kinetic or maybe solar energy to light you up in style? Or maybe just creative use of reflective tape? Bring along some of the gear you have in mind, and lets get started…! Here are some similar ideas being demonstrated:

Laughing Bikes

A laughing bike designed by Jessica Thompson

We love this one… “Soundbike, is a concept product designed by Jessica Thompson. The unit attaches to the rear of a bike frame, and produces peals of laughter as you pedal. The faster you go, the louder and wilder the laughter gets, until it reaches the fever-pitch of a raging lunatic as you race down hills.” For more information, see:

Singing Bikes

Singing bikes & symphonies... of course.. !

“Symphony for Singing Bicycles” by Godfried-Willem Raes

Mad, Mad Rides

Some more mad rides...

Pure madness. If you want to go all out maybe you could think about an er…. equestrian smoothie maker? Or maybe a glowing double-decker demon? Biking glory could be yours.

Please say hello!

If you have an idea to discuss or are just interested to join, please let Jonah know either via the workshop registration form, or by emailing him directly.


[NB: All workshop registration and contact links have been removed, post-event]