SCANZ 2015 water and peace map

Clicking on the photograph below will take you to a map and folder of images of the Huatoki stream walkway from the sea to Redcoat Lane. This is the path of the locations of SCANZ2015 water*peace artworks, presentations and installations.

The map shows the locations for art works, performances and activities that occur on the final weekend of SCANZ2015 – Saturday 31st of January in Huatoki Plaza (11am – 4pm), and Sunday 1st of February (11am – 4pm) along the Huatoki from the sea to Redcoat Lane. There are also night time projections in Pukekura Park on Friday 30th of January, 9pm to 11pm.

SCANZ2015 sites

Below are the photographs in a slideshow.


Glen Skipper at Te Rewa Rewa pa

Artists, tangata whenua and locals in the environment of Taranaki, with the Waiwhakaiho River and Taranaki Maunga (mountain) in the background. This photo is from the recent Intercreate event “Ko Tatou te Tangata.”


Water is essential to survival, revered and respected worldwide for its power, creative and curative abilities.

Wai, water or flow is central to the worldviews of many indigenous cultures of Earth, and is of special significance to tangata whenua (the people of the land) of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The scientific study of water and the onset of turbulence was central to the development of Chaos Theory.

Today water monitoring in the environment has become important to sustainable approaches to water management.

Water as a resource has become intensely politicised and monetised, in contrast to the view that access to fresh water is a fundamental human right.

Peace is also essential to the sustainability of humans on Earth.

SCANZ2015:water*peace brings together people from diverse backgrounds,connecting everyone in a positive expression of our relationship with water and the power of peace.



Water*peace begins on the with noho marae (overnight stay) at Parihaka in Taranaki, Aotearoa New Zealand. The 18th and 19th of each month are special days of the celebration of Te Whiti and Tohu, prophets of peace in colonial times. They were leaders during an infamous episode of New Zealand’s history, and Parihaka is today world renowned for the stance on peaceful protest in the face armed constabulary.

On the afternoon of the 19th, SCANZ participants will return to Nga Motu New Plymouth where they will stay and work on the campus of the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki. Over a two week period they will collaborate, work with visit and be visited by locals, conduct workshops and create works and projects to be exhibited on the banks of the Huatoki River walkway.

There will be a public activity day,  viewing of the installations and night time projections in Huatoki Plaza. A walking symposium on the final day will follow the path of the works along the Huatoki up to Pukekura Park.



Saturday January 17th – participants arrive in Nga Motu New Plymouth. There is a welcoming on to the WITT campus.

Sunday January 18th – travel to Parihaka (depart 8am). Overnight stay at Parihaka. Group discussion in the evening with residents of Parihaka.

Monday January 19th – mid to late afternoon return to New Plymouth.

Tuesday January 20th – morning – first presentation by invited guests (likely to be a tangata whenua group).

Wednesday January 21st – morning – second presentation ( local electronics specialist Andrew Hornblow).

Thursday January 22nd – morning – third local presentation (environmental group).

Friday January 23rd – morning – fourth local presentation (likely to be a raranga/weaving session, may involve travel).

Saturday January 24th – day is open to explore Taranaki, do project work, take part in spontaneous collaboration or take a beach, coastal or mountain walk.

Sunday January 25th – day is open to explore Taranaki, do project work, take part in spontaneous collaboration or take a beach, coastal or mountain walk.

Monday January 26th to Friday January 30th – working on projects / collaboration / testing / installation / preparation for weekend presentation.

Saturday January 31st – Day of installation of projects along Huatoki walkway and or Pukekura Park. This is also the public activity day in Huatoki Plaza.  All applicable projects presented in the Plaza. Night time projections either in Huatoki Plaza or Pukekura Park.

Sunday February 1st – commence hui / walking symposium at 9am along the Huatoki walkway. Poroporoaki / reflections on the residency in the late afternoon.

Monday February 2nd – participants depart accommodation for outward bound travel.

Please note the above schedule may change and is subject to confirmation by appropriate organisations and individuals.



Photo of Wai by Jo Tito

Photo by Jo Tito


Celebrating International Peace Day with a call for projects on Water and Peace

This is the call page for SCANZ2015:water*peace. Below is information about project types, application process and the submission link.

Water is essential to survival, revered and respected worldwide for its power, curative and creative abilities. Water as a resource has become intensely politicised and monetised, in contrast to the view that access to fresh water is a fundamental human right. Peace is also essential to the sustainability of humans on Earth. Join us to discuss and put forward positive, connecting views on water and peace that engages our community. This is the first call for projects and residency with submissions due November 8, 2013 (this allows for planning and fundraising). A second call with revised dates will be issued shortly. Read more about the ideas behind the project…






Project components

Noho marae

SCANZ2015: water*peace will be the fifth SCANZ residency and starts in January 2015. It will commence with noho marae (overnight stay) at Parihaka, world renowned as a site of peaceful protest. The stay coincides with the 18th and 19th, when Te Whiti and Tohu, leaders of the peace movement are celebrated.



Open residency

This will be followed by a two week open, creative and interdisciplinary residency. It is our hope that tangata whenua, indigenous peoples, New Zealanders and other global citizens will be able to take part.

We are suggesting that artists, environmentalists, technologists, scientists, writers, performers, dancers, permaculturalists and people interested in the positive aspects of water and peace, all take part. Anyone can submit a project in one or more of the categories listed further down this page.



Temporary works in public space

We would like to have five to seven temporary works in public space, shown for one day or overnight on the final weekend of the residency. These will be sited along a river walkway. No power will be provided at the sites, so solar, wind, and water powered projects are suitable (battery and static install are two further options).



Day of public activities about water, water quality and peace

We are seeking proposals for a day of activities that engage our local community in issues around water and peace.



Night time building projections

We are seeking projection works about water or peace, to be projected on to the side of a local building in the evening.




On the final weekend of the residency there will be a SCANZ hui. Day one is at WITT, the local polytechnic and allows for presentations that require technology, the internet, projectors etc. Day two is a walking symposium to view the artworks and have thematic discussions in the environment of the river walkways.

A separate call for hui/symposium presentations will be made at a later date, through the same application page on Easy Chair.



Categories of projects

Water and/or Peace residency and temporary public work (residency with public exhibition project)
Water and/or Peace residency (residency without an exhibited project)
Water and/or Peace temporary public work (no residency, public exhibition project)
Public activity day project
Night time projection on building
Online exhibition
Pure research




Applicants should download the pdf application form by clicking the link below. This should be filled out and attached to the application made at EasyChair.

IMPORTANT: Fill out the SCANZ application pdf first, then go to Easy Chair and make yourself a log in. After entering your contact information, project title and submission abstract (max 500 words, target 350) with keywords, tick the appropriate category and topic. Upload the completed SCANZ pdf form in the field that says ‘Paper’. In the field that says ‘Attachment’ upload a .pdf, .doc, .docx or .txt which contains a a one page CV and a project image.

A two stage process will be used. Successful applicants will then be able to apply for accommodation and/or food subsidies from Intercreate. It will also be possible to apply for micro budgets for the public event one day of activities and river walkway art works.

This first call for applications is currently closed for review. A second call will be made, and announced via our email list, on Facebook and Twitter.



Submission page and useful links

Background to the project and issues of water and peace.

This short video is made by the people of Parihaka about Parihaka.

Pdf SCANZ2015 Application Form. Right click and download the form, open it in Acrobat and fill it out (Mac users, you cannot use Preview, it has to be Acrobat). Then attach the SCANZ form to your EasyChair submission.

We prefer pdf if possible at this stage. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, scroll to the bottom of this page and there is a link to a Word file.

The Easy Chair submission page. The url in full is

If you do not already have an Easy Chair log in, you will need to get one – the page you go to will prompt you, and once you have activated your account you will go to the SCANZ 2015 link.



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