Terangi Roimata was raised in a small coastal village called Whāngārā (The Four Sails), home of The Whale Rider, 20 min north of Gisborne – her love and connection with the ocean is natural, instilled in her long before she was born. It’s healing, rejuvenating and cleansing properties are qualities which she has grown to treasure and nurture in her own children. Naturally a lover of Kaimoana (Seafood) and brought up in a time when there was plenty for all, she is passionate about the protection of tikanga (Māori protocol) surrounding the collection and distribution of seafood as well as the effects of commercial gain threatening it’s survival for future generations. 

She also acknowledges the power, presence and valuable role our oceans play in making up the natural world we live in. This arts residency is not only an opportunity for her to learn more and share in conversation with others about the Ocean and it’s Energy, but also to revisit a place of which the ocean and her Kaitiaki (Guardian) the Tohorā (Whale) draw her to spiritually.

The words she lives by to motivate and inspire….
’Dream, Live, Love, Breathe’…. Dream big, Live fully, Love a lot but don’t forget to Breathe.

The’Toimaikuku’ Design to the left is Terangi Roimata’s signature design based on her tribal home of Whāngārā. It expresses confidence and insight.

Artist Bio

Terangi Roimata Kutia-Tataurangi

Terangi Roimata Kutia-Tataurangi

Artist, Master Nail Technician

Terangi Roimata Kutia-Tataurangi born of Ngāti Konohi decent, is a passionate Māori entrepreneur, dedicated wife, mother and artist from Gisborne, NZ. Here creative brand Ariaaariki was launched in 2013 and combines all of her skills & experience expressing her funky, feminine style with a unique indigenous modern twist. The Pūrerehua in her logo, symbolises the metamorphosis of her identity and creative journey as a Māori woman. The highlight of Terangi Roimata’s creative brand is an innovative art form she invented and coined Toimaikuku – Māori Nail Art. It forms the bridge between her passion as a contemporary Māori Artist and her profession as a Master Nail Technician.
Primarily a painter, she works with a variety of mediums including stenciling, perspex, weaving, textiles and design, drawing with ink pens, color pencils and pastels. She specialises in art commissions - from large canvases to artworks the size of a fingernail and was invited to represent her brand and art form at the 2014 Toi Maori Art Market. She has exhibited at Māori Art Market in 2014 and also at Te Papa, Thistle Gallery, Kura Gallery, The Cloud, Tairawhiti Museum and showcased works in several international arts projects.

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