3rd nature residency site

Below are photos of the rooms and spaces at WITT, booked for the residency. The daily workshops will be happening there, and those who need space and equipment will work in the rooms.

Mount Taranaki

This is Taranaki maunga or Mount Taranaki. It can be seen from many but not all locations in New Plymouth Nga Motu. Everything happens in the shadow of the mountain.

F Block

This is the exterior of F Block, which has the Art and Media rooms at one end and Te Wananga Maori (Maori department) at the other.

F Block frontage

This is the area in front of F Block. You can see the sea through trees that are out of shot on left of image.

Main space

This is the main central area of F Block art rooms.

Mac suite

One of the Art and Media room is this small Mac lab for editing video. Most of the campus is PC.

Dark room

This is – you guessed it – a dark room. We still actually have wet dark rooms on campus, unlike most other places that threw this stuff out.

Print room

We have a print room for traditional print making as well.

Photo studio

We have a small Photography Studio. We do need to get permission to use specialist rooms.

Work shop

There is a workshop area with heavy benches and power from above.

Machine shop

We also have a Machine shop, but you must do the Occupational Safety and Health orientation before you can use anything. Our technician will be around 2 days a week.

Seminar room

This is a seminar room off the main space. It has blinds and shutters to control light.

Large room

This larger space is multi-use, like the main space. We use it for classes then clear it out for showing work.

There is one more space, we call the wet studio, but there was a class in there and I didn’t want to disturb them, when I took these photos. The room has big sinks (think dishes).