England Expects

Allan Giddy at SCANZ

Alternative energy pioneer Allan Giddy exhibited two works at SCANZ2015. The first was the night time projection of Night swimmer onto a small stream in Pukekura Park. The second, England Expects … (Aotearoa) 2014-15 was installed on the foreshore by the Huatoki outlet. The installation is solar powered, and uses three mics on the tips of fishing lines – which turns them into aeolian harps (which are blown by the wind). The audio created is mixed with the UK weather forecast, and a recorded response by violinist Alison Blunt of the London Improvisers Orchestra. A special implementation of England Expects … (Aotearoa) 2014-15 at SCANZ involved waiata sung by Jo Tito, connecting the specific location to the British influences in the work.

Lee Joachim at SCANZ

Lee Joachim of the Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation Skyped into SCANZ 2015:water and peace to talk with participants. Renita Glencross of Ethos Global, an Aboriginal advocacy organisation also attended SCANZ in the first week. SCANZ 2015 also saw the first involvement of Pacific peoples at SCANZ, with the presence of two participants from Vanuatu – Sandy Sur and Prim Rose Wari; along with the first representation of Inuit peoples with Jesse Tungilik and Stacey Aglok MacDonald of the Nunavut people. Intercreate is seeking further engagement with indigenous groups worldwide.