3rd nature: Jo Tito

Jo Tito imageWhen the opportunity arose to contribute to 3rd Nature, Jo automatically thought, “how wonderful would it be to create in the environment??”

An impermanent creation that would eventually flow back into nature, a moment in time that would be captured on camera and imprinted in the minds and hearts of those who experienced those moments in real time or later on film.

The creations will be totally in the moment, like water flowing down the mountain through rivers and out to sea. It will bring all the elements of her residency project together: Earth, Water, Light, Stones.

She is not sure what will be created, but plans to capture what is being created on camera in some way. She envisions that nature will provide most of the tools she will need to create; light, water, trees, birds, sticks, stones, paint, leaves and has also asked a few of the other artists in residence to collaborate with her as well.

“It’s exciting!” she says. “It’s going to be a wonderful experience that brings nature, creativity, science, technology and human potential into one space. Expect creations that have never been created before, songs that have never been sung before and healing for both land and people.

There will be a science element as well. Jo is a photographer and has spent many years capturing light in photography. “It’s second nature now, when I see light, I see a wonderful photo opportunity and I just want to capture it! So why is photosynthesis so important and how can I explore this amazing part of nature and use this in my photography?”

She is also interested in the science that she believes already exists within te reo Māori. “The word for tree is rākau and within that one word is explained the process of photosynthesis. I do really believe it is as simple as this! That is what I love about te reo Māori. It is such a rich conceptual language. Everything is connected.

This is going to be a journey for her. “Going home to Taranaki is always a personal journey for me. I am always changed when I return to the East Coast from being below our maunga. And I know this place, our maunga (mountain), our whenua (land) and our moana (sea) are special and whatever is going to be created, it will be beautiful.”