How does forced intimacy, close proximity, random knowledge alter people and their outputs – whether that be text, exhibitions, festivals, artworks, etc – rather than how a particular audience interaction effects a discrete artwork.

The connecting metaphor of string… something which binds, yet is temporary, flexible and easily accessible, is the perfect of these residencies which impact in so many ways on people – changing their practice, instigating long term friendships, and creative and intimate partnerships.

The project will be writing on this from observations, images, questions of and with the other participants on affect. However the last thing I want this to be is evocative of Big Brother or surveillance or reality investigations. This is insightful, respectful, lyrical and non-invasive connective investigation….

Wikipedia says:

* Stringer (journalism), a type of freelance journalism.
* In geology, a stringer is an irregular filament or a narrow vein of one or more minerals traversing a rock mass.

* In metallurgy, a stringer is an elongated body of microconstituents or foreign material aligned in the direction of working (usually hot rolling) in wrought materials. In most cases, the material of the stringers is sulfide, or clot gated oxide. The presence of stringers in materials is undesirable, as the stringers cause the material to be brittle with anisotropic properties.

* In construction, a stringer is a horizontal member used to connect upright members, as in the frame of a building. Usually the stringers are long, relatively thin pieces which provide support and definition to the skin of a structure.

* At a steel mill, stringer is the name given to a coil of steel used to thread or guide material through a production line.

* In aviation and boat building, a stringer is a strip of wood or metal used in a manner similar to building construction.

* In angling, a stringer is a length of fishing line, wire, or chain, to which a fisherman will attach his catch.

* In metallic, polymeric or composite material sintering, the term stringering refers to the amount of binding contact between powdered materials.

* In stairs, a stringer is a timber (usually 2″x12″) that supports the treads and risers in a staircase.

Melinda Rackham

I regularly write and speak on the intertwining cultural issues and aesthetic, technological and conceptual shifts in networked, distributed, multi-user, game and mobile environments.

After over a decade of engagement with emergent practices and innovative technologies as a pioneering net artist, writer, curator, media consultant and cultural producer, I’m still excited by potentialities.

I was the first Curator of Networked Media at the Australian Centre for Moving Image, and in 2002 I established the -empyre- online critical theory forum.

Currently I am the Director of the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) – Australia’s leading cultural organisation working at the intersection of art, research, science and emerging technologies to generate new creativities.

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