Areosphere and Atmosphere – Nina Czegledy and Janine Randerson

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In the era of increased scientific debate about the terraforming of Mars (a process of chemical warming of the frozen Martian climate) in order to sustain a future human population, the Areosphere and Atmosphere project enacts a sensorial connection between Earth and Mars. Materially, the project draws on the historical naming of the two planets’ polar regions by earthly colonists, science fiction imaginings and satellite mapping. As we contend with an anthropogenic climate crisis in our own bio-system, the work ruminates such ‘Big Science’ proposals as the deliberate staging of artificially produced climates in other parts of the solar system. The project will be projected on the dome of the New Plymouth Observatory on Tuesday 25 January 8.30-11pm.

Nina Czegledy, an independent media artist, curator and writer, has collaborated on international projects, produced time based and digital works and has led and participated in workshops, forums and festivals worldwide. Electromagnetic Bodies, Digitized Bodies Virtual Spectacles and the Aurora projects reflect her art, science and technology interest. These projects focus on the changing perception of the human body and are presented via on-line and on-site events in Canada and internationally. On behalf of the Leonardo SpaceArt Network Czegledy recently coordinated a space art workshop in conjunction with the Impact of Space on Society IAA Conference – in March 2005, Budapest.

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Janine Randerson – New Zealand-based new media artist Janine Randerson explores the interface between the bio-system, meteorology and technology. In 2008, she was in Denmark for an art residency studying radio and satellite- tracking data of Arctic bird and mammal species at DMU (The Danish Environmental Research Institute). She has recently completed a currently a doctorate at the University of Melbourne. Janine works with a range of time-based media including 16mm film, digital audio and video and computer programmed interaction design. Her art practice includes both site-specific work and single channel video.

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    Paul Moss says:

    Hi all, I am so excited to be able to meet and talk with Nina and Janine in New Plymouth, and experience the Areosphere and Atmosphere…. wow, it will be great to explore this!! so many questions! cheers, Paul Moss

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