3rd nature: Trudy Lane and Halsey Burgund

Trudy  Lane image

Image from a walk event in 2011, held at 457 metres along a farm fenceline.


Trudy Lane has developed the concept of ‘Wonderlogue’ which are dinner-dialogue events that involve people from diverse disciplines talking about their viewpoints on the same subject. This has evolved into walking events, where the art work takes place in the landscape. For example, 457 metres of a walk are broken at points corresponding to the Earth’s 4.57 billion year history. At a particular marker, a kaumatua (Elder) and geologist might each comment from their perspective, driving respect for each other’s understanding and sometimes illuminating interconnections.

For the SCANZ 2013 exhibition, Trudy has collaborated with the US-based sound artist and musician Halsey Burgund to develop a location-sensitive audioscape for the walk. Using a map and an iPhone application, visitors can stroll through 4.5 billion years of the Earth’s history, hear the thoughts from past participants, and add their own. In this way an invisible pathway is formed across the museum, which references the museum collections, and provides a physical linkage from the works in the galleries to those outside in Pukekura Park and the environs of Taranaki.