3rd nature exhibition

Below is a sample of works selected for the 3rd nature exhibition. In some cases, previous work by the same person is used. The selection of images below spirals from the projects selected for placement in the local environment, to those to be exhibited in Puke Ariki on Level 2.

Jo Tito image

Jo Tito will create in the local environment

Bird sanctuary enclosure

This is the bird enclosure in which “Brickets” by Pierre Proske and Damian Stewart will be installed. There is a walkway among trees, and several species of birds living in the trees.

Darko Fritz Reload

This work “reload_refresh_sync” has been developed out of Darko Fritz’s horticultural units.

Nigel Helyer image

Nigel Helyer will use Intercreate’s data controlled audio system which is located in Pukekura Park. The above image comes from “The Park Speaks” the Intercreate project that initiated the system.

Trudy Lane image

A Walk Through Deep Time involves a walk through 4.5 billion years of the Earth’s history. For SCANZ 2013, Trudy Lane and Halsey Burgund have developed a location-sensitive mediascape for smart devices, which weaves together thoughts from participants past and present.


Galactic wind image

Image above: Galactic super wind: Matter blasts out of the starburst galaxy M82 in this composite image (X-ray: NASA / CXC / JHU / D.Strickland; optical: NASA / ESA / STScI / AURA / the Hubble Heritage Team; IR: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Univ. of AZ / C. Engelbracht). The project led by Nina Czegledy will visualise galactic wind data.

Kura Puke Image

“3-orange waharua a” is an earlier work by Kura Puke, who will present “Ka Wa Ka Wa” at 3rd nature. “Ka Wa Ka Wa” will be made for the exhibition.

Tracey Benson art work

Tracey Benson “Fauxonomy”. This work references places that are protected such as marine reserves, and also looks at land use around estuaries and coastal locations. The project will be hybridised to local Taranaki places for the exhibition.

Sonja van Kerkhoff image

The image above is from the proposal to create a spiral structure inside Puke Ariki. The structure will house five video works.

Janet Laurence image

This image above is a detail from “After Eden” an installation by Janet Laurence. The Australian artist is known for her work with endangered species, scientific vessels and containers, and incorporating items from the biological collections of museums in installations.

Anne Pincus image

Left: “Medusae” 2010 Crocheted slver wire; right: “Lior” 2010 Crocheted fishing line.Both by Anne Pincus.

Iwasaki image

The above scientific containers house living bacteria in a science-art work by Hideo Iwasaki

Josh Wodak image

Josh Wodak. “2 degrees before 2028.” Digital image. 450mmx650mm. The image is based on projected sea level rise in the Pacific Ocean south of the equator, indicated by the red line.Shark image Still image from “Computational Visualization of the Electromagnetic Sensory World of Sharks”. 

Te Taiao Maori

The chart of “Te Taiao Maori”, made for exhibition in Istanbul was in this version shown in Rio de Janeiro, animated with the star imagery of Paul Moss in the background.

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