Inahaa Te Urutahi Waikerepuru, Stuart Foster and Kura Puke continue to explore the correlations of light, sound and their vibrational qualities and resonating effects. He Aurongo will engage with daylight and its separation into spectral entities : aniwaniwa – rainbows.

We will explore how the revealed colour /light can project with, and, in the spaces we may work in. These projections will also include accompanied audio. Within these sounds; both voice and environmental, we seek to align to the frequencies of these light/colour forms.

The kaupapa for this work is inspired by the teachings from tribal elders, that speak of interconnection between ourselves and our environment.

Artist Bio

Inaaha Te Urutahi Waikerepuru, Kura Puke, Stu Foster with Te Matahiapo

Stuart, Inahaa and Kura’s collaborative installations (with Te Matahiapo) include:
Tipi-Rā-ngī: Traversing the heavens, (Ngāti Tawhirikura), Taranaki (2013) for SCANZ: 3rd nature.

He māmā whenua: landing lightly, and, E hahana nei i te Hīnātore: To emit
brilliance in the world, Christchurch (2013) for TEZA/Letting Space.

Ko tatou te tangata: We are the people, (Ngāti Tawhirikura), Taranaki (2014)for MAP.
Te Ara Wairua: Pathways of the intangible, (with H.Geismar) UCL, London (2014).

Te Hononga: Joining of worlds, ((Ngāti Hinemihi with Te Maru o Hinemihi), Surrey, UK (2014).

Tīahoaho: Bearing light on the Waiw’kai’o, (Ngāti Tawhirikura) (2015) for SCANZ & Living Lab Taranaki.

E tuhi i konā E rapa i konā: cast your glow here and there, for ‘water, peace,
power 2016’, Parihaka.

Te Mauri. Artwork: audio-visual, LED screen, display cabinet. For
‘Triggering points’ group exhibition, J Pallitz Gallery, Lubin House, Syracuse University, New York City. 19 May-Jul 2016.

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