Stories of Land and People – Jo Tito

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Jo is developing a series of workshops which creatively weave together the Taranaki landscape; combining the materials of harakeke (flax), kohatu (rock) and wai (water) with the power of digital storytelling. As a meditation on these materials the workshops bring forward a Maori conception of our connections to the environment, and how building our understanding of these kinds of connections might help to bring healing to our planet and peoples.

You are invited to participate:

Jo wishes to invite people from the local community and beyond who would be interested to join this workshop to practise their creative skills, or try new things and share their stories. Please keep an eye on this project page if you would be interested to join in. Jo’s workshops will also be a part of the Festival of Lights events, on the below the dates.

Participate as part of the Festival of Lights

January 18—21, 1-4pm – Youth  (age 13-19yrs) – Band Rotunda
January 24—26, 1-4pm – Adults – Band Rotunda
Join the artist Jo Tito to share your stories and weave together harakeke (flax), kohatu (rock) and wai (water) with digital storytelling. If you would like to register, visit the registration page here

For more information, see:
Taranaki Story on Jo’s work

Jo TitoJo Tito – I am a 37 year old Maori woman who is passionate about life and committed to bringing about change in the world. I have an innate love for and connection to the land and environment – this inspires me to be who I am and to live the life I live. I am a creative entrepreneur and artist who embraces all that I am. Connections and relationships are important to me and are at the heart of everything I do.

Ecotones – Janine Randerson

Ecotones (Image of installation detail of Cascade)

The bar-tailed godwit, the longest non-stop migrator of any species, is dependent on a global network of estuaries or ‘ecotones’, where terrestrial and marine ecosystems meet. These environments are under pressure due to being seen as transitional, unwanted, hybrid spaces. Janine’s project employs information from satellite telemetry and sonification to create a visual and acoustic reconception of the journey of these migratory birds. In this way the installation works to undermine the atomisation of North/South, human/non-human, air, sea and earthly relations.

SCANZ 2011 Organising Team

Intercreate team

For the 2011 event the curatorial team of Intercreate were organised into the below roles. To see full biographies, you can visit the Intercreate Team page.

Trudy Lane, Creative Director – Focus: overall concept, symposium and symposium workshops, all print and online communications.

Ian M. Clothier, Co-organiser – Focus: residency & residency workshops

Nina Czegledy, Co-organiser – Focus: residency and external (remote guest) events



Intercreate team members were generously supported in the conceptual development and the project selection work by the thoughtful contributions of two very experienced and inspired collaborators Maggie Buxton and Grant Corbishley.

Maggie Buxton — Maggie has over 17 years experience in personal, professional, organisational and community development. This includes work with private, public and voluntary sector organisations across the globe. In recent years she has turned her attention to the interface between physical, digital, spiritual and imaginal spaces and a quest to generate sustainable transformation and have fun at the same time.

Grant Corbishley — Since 1986 Grant Corbishley has been involved in multi-discipline collaborative projects that have been exhibited in many countries. He is currently engaged in PhD research that involves participatory cartography, wireless and mobile technologies, environmental activism, and community concepts of stewardship.   Grant Corbishley is a senior lecturer and coordinator of the Cross Discipline Collaborative Projects Program at the Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec), NZ.


In addition, Trudy wishes to acknowledge the support given to her in the development of aspects of the 2011 hui/symposium by the following people:

Sophie Jerram of Now Future Together with Dugal McKinnon, the artist and curator Sophie Jerram has established an ongoing partnership to examine and promote artistic responses to climate change, Now Future. Now Future kindly partnered with Intercreate in providing support for the organisation and promotion of the 2011 symposium event.

Mike Dickison — An evolutionary biologist and science communicator with many a creative twist, Mike was a great sounding board and collaborator in the writing of symposium invitation texts aimed at the wider scientific community.


Assistant Organisers and Volunteers

Over the course of the event, many people pitch in, and their help is hugely appreciated. Here we acknowledge those who have stepped in with their own time to assist this event.

Laura Pullar — Our lovely event intern! Queen of social media, purveyor of all things online, keeper of the many flaming torches. We salute you Laura and will be eternally grateful for your dedicated and forthright assistance.

Vicki Smith — Galant hero, able to wield a video camera for several weeks at a moment’s notice. Vicki was of great assistance during the residency in her support of the UK artist Karen Ingham and her fabulous Pollinator Frocks project.



Intercreate wish to express their utmost thanks to all of the above who gave of their time to support the SCANZ 2011 project.