Camphouse Venue for Water, Peace, Power Hui

A view of the Camphouse that is the venue for the Water Peace Power symposium


Friday 29th January
Everyone needs to arrive on Friday 29th – we can arrange to meet people from the various transit points of airport and bus depot. There will be a shared meal, and arriving Friday means we can have a full day Saturday.

Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st January
Through these days, conversation leaders will take those gathered through a range of topics and diverse perspectives on the human relationship to the environment. Protocols, approaches and policies in regard to placing works in the environment will also be discussed.

Monday February 1st to Friday February 5th
On Monday we will leave the mountain and head to the WITT campus to settle into accommodation for the week, and be introduced to the studio space. The residency period involves workshops using 5 volt, 12 volt and solar powered art works. The full range of creative practices are allowed – from electronic art, to dance and performance, to the literary arts, philosophy and science.

Saturday February 6th
This is a day to test placing residency works in the environment.

Sunday February 7th
Works will be presented for the public to view.

A Selection of Other Intercreate Projects