Tracey M Benson at Vital Transformation Mauri Ora

Words for Water : Stage 2 (2014)
Soundscape by Vudukhild, Exhibited at PhotoAccess Canberra 2014, SCANZ2015 Taranaki


Words for Water explores the cultural, spiritual and environmental context of water. The significance of water as Sacred traverses many cultures and languages. Stage 2 tracks the course of Australia’s longest river, the Murray.  The journey from source to sea is taken through a series of aerial views which reveals the story of the river. The river travels through many First Nations connecting communities through the flow. When the river meets the sea, it becomes the One Water linking all life together through the flow of the waters.

Artist Bio

Tracey M Benson

Tracey M Benson


Tracey M Benson is an artist and researcher based in Canberra, Australia. With an interest in ubiquitous technologies and active audience participation, her work is focused on ecological balance, awareness and wellbeing. Tracey often collaborates with cultural owners and guides - working with Indigenous communities, historians, artists and scientists. Tracey is a Professional Associate of the Institute of Applied Ecology at University of Canberra and a member of the Group of Energy Efficiency Researchers (GEER). Her most recent work will be presented at ISEA2018, Durban, South Africa. Tracey has a MA from QUT, Creative Industries and a PhD from ANU.

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