Tyler Allan Vital Transformations Mauri Ora

Acrylic on canvas

The idea of the self-portrait in art was significantly explored by Dutch painter and printmaker Rembrandt in the 17th Century who many argue to be one of the greatest visual artists in history. Recently I have been looking at the work of two Polish artists – Zdzislaw Beksinski (2015) and Jarek Kubicki (2015) who both use self-portraits in their work.

The process of my exhibition piece was entirely exploratory. I knew for certain that I wanted a painting, and that it would be a self-portrait in one way or another. Through my research I became strongly attached to Beksinski who was active from 1955 to 2005 and Kubicki from 1999 to 2015, who have their own particular and unique visual styles. In the end I felt it important to develop my own style. The main concept of my piece is to explore, practice and develop my skills to better know what I want to accomplish and achieve as an artist.

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Tyler Allan

Tyler Allan

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