Wharehoka Smith at Vital Transformation Mauri Ora

.A work based on phases of the moon by Wharehokasmith



Kaitoi Kaihoahoa Customary Contemporary Artist Designer

Creating on home ground ancestral Taranaki with a conscious progressive focus toward Customary Toi Maori, WharehokaSmith looks to the living resources and vast catalogue of creations from Tupuna – Ancestors – finding there, much motivation and inspiration.  Bonding and celebrating these inherited treasures with traditional and new media applying the ancient designs shapes and forms to inform and tell story

Additionally resourced by an absolute treasure trove yet fully untapped, of traditional material in dialogue or text which exist in the corners and recesses of Taranaki and then Aotearoa New Zealand.  Conscientiously seeking out in order to celebrate through toi, exposing concepts, beliefs events people and place, revitalising forgotten or seldom told stories, of captivating historical note which have forged rendered and shaped the landscape place hearts and minds of people.

WharehokaSmith’s practice is to prioritise and utilise honour and respect, maintain vitalise and contribute to the “Taonga” treasure of Toi Maori, ascending the gift from Tupuna to new heights of scale, placement, location understanding and use.

“Kia tupato!” Toi Maori today is being thrust forward, enabled acknowledged and celebrated on a global scale, a phenomenon possibly unimagined by Tupuna, yet arguably these achievements are as a result of continued custom tradition and influence , even when or where it is not evident, ultimately the future, the vision and the potential for the Customary Visual Art forms of Toi Maori are reliant upon good Guardianship Advocacy and Tikanga, as with many things Maori, duty of care is paramount.

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