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Water, food and resources at SCANZ

lemon vernbena

As organisers of the SCANZ residency, we are working on ways to reduce our water footprint. We usually supply tea, coffee beans and a coffee grinder because our largely artist group loves coffee. However, for 2015 water*peace we are considering not supplying coffee on Fridays, and only providing locally grown herbal tea: lemon verbena. This is because the best way to reduce water footprint is to consume locally grown products.

In addition, rather than purchasing the coffee solely on the basis of taste, we will be purchasing Fair Trade Organic. We are also intent on getting food from local suppliers as much as possible. These are positive steps to take, in line with our determination to be involved in positive experiences in regard to the environment.

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Call for water*peace presentations

Photo of Wai by Jo Tito

As part of SCANZ2015:water*peace, Intercreate.org is seeking presentations based on water and/or peace along the following thematic threads: indigenous awareness, beyond the physical, states of flow, bodies of water, science and measurement, commentaries on peace. Presentations will be given in the open air along the Huatoki walkway on Sunday February 1st 2015.

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Glen Skipper at Te Rewa Rewa pa

SCANZ2015:water*peace brings together people from diverse backgrounds,connecting everyone in a positive expression of our relationship with water and the power of peace.

Water is essential to survival. Wai, water or flow is central to the worldviews of many indigenous cultures of Earth. The scientific study of water and the onset of turbulence was central to the development of Chaos Theory. Today water monitoring in the environment has become important to sustainable approaches to water management.

Peace is also essential to the sustainability of humans on Earth.

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Future of electronic arts survey

Intercreate survey

Intercreate has released its first survey on electronic and digital arts, looking into the near future (1-5 years) . While we might speculate on which issues are important, debate the virtues of exhibition in gallery or public space, and have preferences about creative development, using a survey allows us to get a strong picture of where our audience and colleagues are on these issues. We want to know what your thoughts on this are. Help us with this process by filling out the survey now – there are 20 multiple choice questions. Please also circulate this survey among your colleagues.

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Digitized 3D Objects and Audio Signal Convergence by Claire Brunet, Susan Fryberg and Toby Gifford

Salmon computer model

In this project recordings of water are modified through signal processing mechanisms derived from digitized 3D forms appropriated from nature, which themselves are transformed and projected on a white fishing net surface.

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New Plymouth spatial interventions by Allan Giddy and team

Three artists resident in Sydney but originating from England and New Zealand will work for two weeks with the New Plymouth central city area to enliven it for one or two evenings prior to the SCANZ walking symposium. Water is central to the site (between St Aubyns and Ariki) and the works focus their visual and sonic interventions around these features. In this context installation itself becomes a performative act with artists working within the site of an intended audience.

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Water People Power Project by Don Huner and Ana Terry

The Water People Power Project by Don Hunter and Anna Terry is a community based set of events centered around hui, exhibition, and workshop activities that facilitate access to information and hands-on experience in affordable home-built energy generation. One activity involves constructing a simple and affordable homebuilt power generation system, while exploring the cultural and environmental implications of these activities.

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Water Bodies: Lorelei and Tāwhirimātea by Ilka Blue

Phrase of Place

In ‘Water bodies’ I’m proposing to make a shelter or ‘shell’ for water bodies (which we as humans are). The work will be created as the endogenous/exogenous ‘self’, a shifting story which cycles through incarnations of peace and water. This is a participatory piece, complete with protagonists and water maidens, which will offer a moment with personal, cultural and natural readings of the mythological and hydrological systems that connect us – Ilka Blue.

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Ko Tatou te Tangata: talk

Glen Skipper at Te Rewa Rewa pa

As part of Intercreate’s Media Art Project Ko Tatou te Tangata a series of meetings and discussions with local iwi Ngati Tawhirikura were held, co-ordinated by Kura Puke and Stu Foster. One of the consequences of these discussion was that local historian and Puke Ariki Poutiaki Taonga Glen Skipper gave a talk about Te Rewa Rewa pa, at the pa site.

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Water Links: active reflections by James Werner

Water Links uses locative media with audio and video capture. It allows the public to actively seek and participate in the art work, as it provides a place for their own creative input on issues of water and peace. The project will utilize locative media so that visitors can identify key locations within the larger […]

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