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Future of electronic arts survey

Intercreate survey

Intercreate has released its first survey on electronic and digital arts, looking into the near future (1-5 years) . While we might speculate on which issues are important, debate the virtues of exhibition in gallery or public space, and have preferences about creative development, using a survey allows us to get a strong picture of where our audience and colleagues are on these issues. We want to know what your thoughts on this are. Help us with this process by filling out the survey now – there are 20 multiple choice questions. Please also circulate this survey among your colleagues.

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Digitized 3D Objects and Audio Signal Convergence by Claire Brunet, Susan Fryberg and Toby Gifford

Salmon computer model

In this project recordings of water are modified through signal processing mechanisms derived from digitized 3D forms appropriated from nature, which themselves are transformed and projected on a white fishing net surface.

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Fluid City by Charlotte Šunde and Alys Longley

For the SCANZ 2015 residency, we propose to redevelop the Fluid City content in relation to the local environment and cultures of the Taranaki region. This will be developed in the form of a short water film (for the roving cinema); interviews and stories from locals including tangata whenua from Parihaka marae, farmers, school children, artists, musicians, poets and other residents; and fragments of creative writing or environmental sound (for the roving vessel of stories); and fresh water samples collected from streams and other significant waterways around the Taranaki district (for the roving laboratory) – Charlotte Sundy and Alys Longley.

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Te Puna Waiora by Kiri Eriwata and Stephen Ralph Matthews

During the residency we wish to work with and facilitate the exploration of the concepts of cleansing, regeneration and peace as well as personal connections to the wai through experimentation and the creation of sound, music and text. Highlighting the participants responses to wai and the notions surrounding peace and what this means to them.

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Words for Water by Tracey Benson


Water may seem ubiquitous, but it has some rather uncommon properties. At the atomic level, water can influence how life and landscapes form, such as how water moves through a plant and how rivers meander around bends. It is also the only chemical that be formed in three states – vapour, liquid and solid.

My focus will be on expanding an ongoing project that uses augmented media tools to evoke a meditative work focusing on the concept water. Stage 1 of “Words for Water” was presented at the MARart exhibition held as part of ISMAR2013 (The International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality).

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SCANZ2015: meander vs grid

Looking downstream, back toward the main street of New Plymouth. The two trees on the left are marked historic by the Council and must be preserved.

Water falling, Brownian motion and wai: two rocks and a meander – going for a walk with Te Urutahi Waikerepuru to view potential SCANZ art work sites, has led to reflecting on our experience of city, and how this is changed when the traverse follows a river rather than the grid of the streets. Buried culture is revealed, and the multiple histories of place emerge. Quite unlike the paved city, where all has been transformed by industrial processes.

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This looks like a collection of boulders, but once was a large marker rock used by local iwi (tribes). It was dynamited in the colonial era

Huatoki walkway: history unveiled It is interesting that following a river cuts across the urban city landscape and the corresponding histories of place. Nature and heritage are often obscured when the experience of place is  dominated by being in buildings, and walking, taking a bus or driving the streets. To follow a river is to […]

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Water is essential to survival, revered and respected worldwide for its power, curative and creative abilities. Water as a resource has become intensely politicised and monetised, in contrast to the view that access to fresh water is a fundamental human right. Peace is also essential to the sustainability of humans on Earth. Join us to discuss and put forward positive, connecting views on water and peace that engages our communities. This is the first call for projects.

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SCANZ2015: water*peace will be the fifth SCANZ residency. It will commence with noho marae (overnight stay) at Parihaka, world renowned as a site of peaceful protest. The stay coincides with the 18th and 19th, where leaders of the peace movement Te Whiti and Tohu are celebrated. This will be followed by a two week residency, a day of public activities, temporary projects on a walkway, night time projections on buildings, online exhibition and SCANZ hui on the final weekend of the residency.

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3rd nature art works

reload_synch_refresh by Dark Fritz

Curated by Ian Clothier, the works in SCANZ 2013 3rd nature exhibition spiral from the Puke Ariki Museum gallery Te Takapou Whāriki o Taranaki (The Sacred Woven Mat of Taranaki) out onto level 2 and around the natural history and geology galleries, down the stairs on to the landing and beyond into Pukekura Park botanic garden.

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