Ingrid van Amsterdam at Vital Transformation Mauri Ora

An experimental attempt to capture the illusion of time. Our relationship with time/space/matter is challenged by the clapping of hands immersed in flowing river water. “We should be able to create an entirely new universe”; “…in particular it’s just easy to do with my hands. When they collide, we might have a Big Bang” Quoted from BBC Horizon, (2001), Parallel Universes (Alan Guth, Burt Ovrut, Ph.D.). Clapping then literally becomes history in the making with this natural body of water carrying history of all time.

Artist Bio

Ingrid van Amsterdam

Ingrid van Amsterdam


The common thread of Ingrid van Amsterdam’s work often relates to time and space and the relativity thereof. Many of her ideas come from dreams and visions, and perceptions of personal viewpoints and observations. What we see may just be an illusion, a fleeting moment in time, or a just a cover with underlying meanings. Like digging up the core beneath an inconspicuous surface, Ingrid likes to get to the nitty gritty of things, using a variety of media for the concepts she wishes to express and explore.

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