Dwayne Duthie at Vital Transformations Mauri Ora

Cremation 2018

The act of Cremation has varying forms and purpose, cremation symbolises change and a removal from the physical world, an association to death in many cultures. Digital and technological tools interact with painting displaying a work representational of human ritual practice and ceremony. Both traditional and contemporary in nature, through a small cinematic performance, unpredictable, much like the elements, colours in experimental video and intensity of the projected flames dances across the canvas surface, whilst leaving viewers with a sense of memorization.

Artist Bio

Dwayne Duthie

Dwayne Duthie

Dwayne Duthie works with diverse media, demonstrating the strength between traditional and contemporary art forms through multi-media installation, utilising physical, digital and technological mediums, Dwayne deals in subjects around the human condition in relation to social and cultural perceptions within generation.

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