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3rd nature art works

reload_synch_refresh by Dark Fritz

Curated by Ian Clothier, the works in SCANZ 2013 3rd nature exhibition spiral from the Puke Ariki Museum gallery Te Takapou Whāriki o Taranaki (The Sacred Woven Mat of Taranaki) out onto level 2 and around the natural history and geology galleries, down the stairs on to the landing and beyond into Pukekura Park botanic garden.

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SCANZ 2013: Wānanga-symposium second call


SCANZ 2013 Hui-symposium second call for abstracts, due September 7th 2012

This is the second call for hui-symposium abstracts. From the first call we received proposals for presentations from the perspectives of Mātauranga Māori, art-science, culture and climate change, pre-Columbian sustainability, bio technology, creativity and the environment from the social perspective.

We are very interested in further proposals from tangata whenua, indigenous peoples, scientists, artists, thinkers and environmentalists. Our topic is important to this country, the planet and humanity and we all have a role to play in a positive future.

The hui-symposium takes place February 1st – 3rd at Ngamotu New Plymouth, Aotearoa New Zealand.

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SCANZ 2013: 3rd nature – hui and symposium


Hui/symposium call for abstracts – Integrating indigenous perspectives with creative, environmental, scientific and academic views on reality is essential to our future. SCANZ 2013: 3rd nature will bring together diverse people to discuss how to approach working together across cultures and disciplines. This information will then be shared in a special edition of Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

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SCANZ 2013: 3rd nature residency and Wānanga-Symposium

Artists at Parihaka

Residency January 18th – February 4th 2013 – We ignore the environmental crisis at our peril. Integrating the indigenous perspective, creative, environmental and scientific views on the environment is essential for sustainable human habitation of the planet. We invite you to contact us with ideas for talks, discussions, presentations, residency projects and projects in a botanic garden that address this intersection of contentions. And to join us on the weekend of February 1st – 3rd 2013 at a hui-symposium to share knowledge and build resources.

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