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Concern for the environment is a major driver of Intercreate projects. This is partly due to global warming and species loss, and is also due to our engagement with indigenous groups, for whom the environment is of urgent concern. This has resulted in projects in our local botanic garden, and partner projects that involve indigenous […]

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As part of our Balance-Unbalance presentation on Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand, where we will discuss issues around engaging with science and indigenous peoples, we are wanting to subvert the usual arrangements for presentation.

We would like the audience to download our presentation images to their mobile device. We will then not require the use of a projector with it’s directional emphasis, will be able to sit in a circle, and we will also be able to leave the room and go for a short walk all as part of our presentation.

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3rd nature art works

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Curated by Ian Clothier, the works in SCANZ 2013 3rd nature exhibition spiral from the Puke Ariki Museum gallery Te Takapou Whāriki o Taranaki (The Sacred Woven Mat of Taranaki) out onto level 2 and around the natural history and geology galleries, down the stairs on to the landing and beyond into Pukekura Park botanic garden.

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Exhibitions + Projects

Bus Garden projects and exhibitions This page has introductory information about projects, which include our biennial project SCANZ, exhibitions in Albuquerque, Istanbul, Rio and in Aotearoa New Zealand.     Upcoming We are currently working on exhibition projects for Sydney, Albuquerque and Taos and Nga Motu New Plymouth. SCANZ 2015 will be themed Wai (water) […]

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SCANZ2013:tomo whakaari


Te Huirangi Waikerepuru at this mornings Tomo Whakaari. Beside him is Tengaruru Wineera. Terri Ripeka Crawford choreographed a special accompaniment to the traditional ceremony. Voices from all filled the morning air.

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The image above shows preparation work for the 3rd nature exhibition in Puke Ariki. The cyanobacteria was cultured by artist-scientist Professor Hideo Iwasaki of Waseda University, Japan. Professor Iwasaki grows the cyanobacteria in a form derivative of humans, with a head, body, arms and legs. The cyanobacteria are photosynthetic bacteria, and are ancestors to chloroplasts […]

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SCANZ2013: Paritutu

Rulan Tangen at Back Beach

This is the middle weekend of the residency. Some went up the mountain, others gathered late in the day at Back Beach Paritutu.  

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SCANZ2013: Geolocating

Mike Ure

Today’s workshop was held in the venue to be used at WITT for the wananga-symposium. Our guest were Mike Ure, Elise Smith and Anne Scott of the Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society. Mike is also part of the Ahu Ahu beach group.

Elise Smith spoke about the little blue penguin project. The society has been gathering data on the penguins, and placing it online using maps. The aim is for Maori knowledge and creative projects to be added to the same online map.

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SCANZ 2013: harakeke-flax-raranga-weaving


Today the residency theme was harakeke/raranga (flax/weaving). Jo Tito led the day with a local weaver. First up was harakeke gathering then some making.

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SCANZ 2013: residency


Two wheeled robotic cars emerge from the Andrew Hornblow residency workshop. There was also quite bit of interest in tree voltage data sensors.

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