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A Walk Through Deep Time

Alistair Brickell discussing the Burgess Shale creatures

A Walk Through Deep Time is an ongoing research project which invites people to share scientific, philosophical and cultural ideas as part of a roving discussion and walk through ‘deep‘ or geologic time. A walk event was recently held which followed a farm fenceline of 457 metres to represent 4.57 billion years, and involved astronomers, […]

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Project Proposal – Brooke Sturtevant-Sealover

Prototype 4.3
12” by 12” by approximately 24”- size varies according to the growth of the plant
Custom Built Circuits by Karl Palm, Plant, 2011

Project Proposal: Objectives: a) to study the interactions between the plants, other living organisms, and the environment, b) to dialogue and/or collaborate with scientists c) to create a set of traditional and/or allographic drawings based on collected data   I am particularly interested in complex relationships like the endemic mistletoe Peraxilla tetrapetala[1] has established to […]

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Project Proposal – Ilka Blue Nelson

Ilka Nelson Deep Ecology Night

Project Proposal “Weaving stories with deep thinking beyond the limits of the anthropocene, I am trying to recall myself in a more-than-human world.” – Ilka Blue The great Storyteller Robert Bly says mythology feeds our soul in the same way that science feeds our brain. So while our minds expand with discoveries like quantum physics, […]

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Project Proposal – Guy van Belle

Guy Van Belle

Within the context and continuation of the projects I have been doing over the last years I would like to propose to work out a short collaborative/open project on location, with one or more Maori artists. My own background is within the areas of sound and music, extending what I call ‘media writing’ (or “writing” […]

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Remote Connections – Tracey Benson

Mobile music machine - home made ipod

Despite Australia’s position as an industrialised nation, there are still significant limitations to online access in regional and remote locations. This scenario presents as a challenge as well as an opportunity for residents. Arguably, one of the most negatively impacted demographics are people living on remote Indigenous communities. There is much talk of ‘closing the […]

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Pattern Recognition – Vicki Smith and Aroha Timoti-Coxon

A black-and-white photograph of two unidentified Māori women working on tukutuku panels (woven panels) inside Rangiātea, the Anglican church at Ōtaki on the lower west coast of the North Island of New Zealand taken by Walter R Oliver around 1947 and its negative measures 5 cm x 7 cm. Accessed from TePapa Image Collection.

Project Proposal Tukutuku panels between the poupou in many wharenui are a beautiful series of patterns, the holders of memory and complementary to the story told in the kowhaiwhai, and whakairo that also decorate the walls and roof. They are complex patterns of single or crossed stitches that reveal their information to those who can […]

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Internet Error Messages – Darko Fritz


An on-going series of works / projects of different nature, each making use of texts of internet error messages, i.e. Web Server Result (HTML Error) Codes / HTML Error Codes / WWW Error Messages / HTTP Status Messages. Installed using plants and materials commonly used locally in municipal or other official plantings of the area. […]

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Kāinga a roto | Kāinga a waho
 (Home within | Home on the outside) – Sonja van Kerkhoff & Sen McGlinn


Proposed Project To research Māori building and construction techniques, using the archives of Puke Ariki as well as via interviews with tangata whenua and visits to existing buildings and sites in Taranaki. Then with the material collected, we intend to build two structures, one intended to house a 5 screen video installation to be located […]

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Gather – Kate Genevieve and David Montgomery

Gather - proposal image

Project Proposal This work will emerge out of a conversation between interested members of the Maori community and artists, Kate Genevieve and David Montgomery, and consider how members of this community situate themselves in the second decade of the 21st Century.  Kate will bring to this conversation her research into experiments devised within contemporary neuroscience […]

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Brickets – Pierre Proske and Damian Stewart

Brickets – proposal image

Project Proposal The outcome of this project is to sonify environmental data through a series of small solar powered audio-visual devices. Each device will be roughly the shape and size of a brick, hence their name – Brickets. The devices collectively create an ecology of cricket-like sounds in a outdoor setting. Each Bricket  contains an […]

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