Tracey Amstad at Vital Transformations Mauri Ora

Te Atamira (Lookout) was taken at Maniaroa Marae in Mokau November 2017 at Sunset. This Atamira was constructed in 1987 as a representation of our ancestors protecting all the people of their Marae 24/7 from invasion in Pre-European times.

Artist Bio

Tracy Amstad

Tracy Amstad


Tracy Amstad is a New Zealand artist residing in Taranaki working as a freelance photographer, multi-media and visual artist. When Tracy first picked up a camera in 1999, this opportunity opened up the possibility to express her emotions and how she saw the world through the lens. Understanding angles, lighting and composition gave Tracy a new found appreciation for nature and our land. She is currently working on pieces regarding native New Zealand and our Maori culture through her photography. She also explores social issues and religious views through her interest in upcycling of unwanted materials and recently discovered a passion for Marbling.

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