Ian M Clothier – Executive Director

Ian M Clothier is an artist, Senior Academic at Taranaki’s Institute of Technology, Executive Director of Intercreate.org and founding Director of SCANZ. He has worked on projects involving data loggers, online survey, robotics, socio-political data visualisation, micronation creation, augmented reality, motion sensoring and installation; has been selected for twelve international exhibitions and has written for journals Leonardo, Convergence and Digital Creativity.


Trudy Lane – Programme Producer

Trudy Lane is an artist, curator and digital media designer whose work is ecologically and socially focused. Digital media design work with online exhibitions, archives and participatory learning projects have won her international art and design awards, and collaboratively developed artworks investigating various contemporary issues have been exhibited at international biennials and festivals such as Documenta. As a creative practitioner, her current work seeks to create inspiring models of encounter between specialised cultures of knowledge. Her long-term project involves developing an entity known as The House of Wonder which explores areas of shared fascination across science, culture and art, and involves people in experiences such as taking A Walk through Deep Time.


Nina Czegledy – International Research Fellow

Nina Czegledy, award winning media artist, curator, educator, works internationally on collaborative art & science & technology and educational, projects. Her artistic practice is centered on the changing perception of the environment and the human body. Her lectures,texts have been published in numerous international books and journals. She is a Senior Fellow, KMDI University of Toronto, Adjunct Associate Professor, Concordia Univerisity and Research Fellow, Intercreate.org.