He Punawai Hohourongo – Peace, Water, Power 2018 hui draft

In association with Te Matahiapo

Hui symposium draft schedule and topics

The hui is being refined and the topics are in draft form only, to give people an idea of what will be discussed.

12th Feb Where What Subject
8.30am Te Piere Depart Te Piere, WITT for Parihaka
9.30am Te Niho Powhiri Concluding with tea and coffee
10am Te Niho Keynotes Maata Wharehoka Tangata whenua perspectives on He Punawai Hohourongo
Te Niho Inahaa Te Urutahi Waikerepuru Tangata whenua perspectives on He Punawai Hohourongo
Te Niho Tonga Karena Tangata whenua perspectives on He Punawai Hohourongo
Te Niho Nina Czegledy Cross cultural projects with indigenous groups since 1990
12.00pm TBC Creative Azadeh Emadi Video & creative project about river, power and perception
Helen Moore Projection of creative project
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Pa Art walkabout, stream visit
Glen Skipper Understanding the layers of the whenua (land)
Dr Jane Richardson Understanding flow and water from a geological perspective
Emily Bailey, Urs Signer SHMAK & CHI water monitoring and visit to riparian food forest
Artist present their work Creative responses to Peace, Water and Power
3.30pm Te Niho Nature, culture Dr Tracey Benson, Josiah Jordan The iconography of the sea, natural environment and runic symbols
3.45pm Te Niho Environment Kati Freeman Recent developments in environmental activities engaging the public
4pm Te Niho Leonardo Dr Janine Randerson Speculative weathers, and the next 50 years for electronic art
4.15pm Te Niho Leonardo Roger Malina video Video made for the event by astrophysicist and art-science exponent
4.30pm Te Niho Leonardo Roger Malina live from Texas Live as part of Leonardo/ISAST 50th celebrations
4.45pm Te Niho Poroporoaki
5.30pm Depart for Nga Motu, Te Piere and beyond
Please note the above schedule may change and will be confirmed in the last week of January


Saturday February 3rd 
Residency commences. Orientation at Parihaka, prep for workshops.

Sunday February 4th
First day of workshops at Parihaka. All welcome.

Monday February 5th
Second day of workshops at Parihaka. All welcome.

Sunday February 11th
Hui out of town participants arrive in New Plymouth (so that they can attend the morning powhiri the next day). Nighttime light works viewed if applicable.

Monday February 12th
Morning session at Parihaka commencing 9.30-10am. Keynotes and presentations.


Afternoon session – tour of artworks and artist presentations.  Keynotes and presentations.

Leonardo/ISAST 50th presentations and celebration with Roger Malina live from Texas.

Poroporoaki for Peace, Water, Power.

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